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Life Preserver Workout Art

This is yesterday's workout art (July 16th).

Short info on workout art: I came up with this concept to help battle my hate for working out (which has a very deep and dark core and really has nothing to do with the physical side). This concept allows me do art and rather quickly, to be creative, distract my mind, and practice, but not sacrifice tons of time.

Basic rules: The pencil portion is done while working out during slow bits (walking fast versus jogging etc); I must not use any eraser, and must not alter the piece once the workout is complete. The digital version (which will only happen if I can fit time in) has to be done in an hour & a half or less.

I do not know how often I will do these. Follow my blog if you want to keep track. Someday I will give actual tiny detail bits about the diet progress itself. You can also follow me on Twitter @damartkat where I have begun tweeting my favorite song-of-the-workout each day (amongst other tweets).

Favorite workout song yesterday: Skrillex - All Is Fair in Love and Brostep

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1 comment:

JubNuggets said...

You should post some of these to twitter! I miss you DQ updates from before. (All the workout pieces look amazing by the way)